How to log in to the control panel


How to change user password


How to add post to blog

What we go trough:

  • How to create new post
  • How to add heading
  • How to add text
  • How to save as draft
  • How to Publish
  • How to preview the article


How to add category and keywords to a post

What we go trough:

  • How to choose category and add a new category
  • How to add keywords

How to edit SEO for post

What we go trough:

  • How to edit how headline is displayed in search engines
  • How to add custom permalink
  • How to add focus keyword
  • How to make content cornerstone content


How to add feautured image (image displayed when sharing the content)

What we go trough:

  • How to add featured image
    • Upload new content or…
    • Choose existing media from the website


How to add english translation

What we go trough:

  • How to add translation
    • Remember to save your content (either publish or save as draft)
    • Press the plus-symbol(+) in the language section to the right
    • Choose English/Engelsk in the dropdown menu
      • Note that the site language has changed in the top menu-bar
      • Note that english/engelsk is chosen in the dropdown menu
  • How to add and edit the translation
    • Edit as a normal post (make sure you edit in the right language)
    • Paste in the translation
  • Publish the content