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Our mission is to offer our members training of the highest possible quality. We therefore have a limited number of membership spots at CFC. We currently have a waiting list for memberships, but we'll take in new memberships as spots become available.

The first step to becoming a member of our community and get into the shape of your is to apply for a membership! You will then receive a response from us regarding waiting time, how to get started with the training and answers to any questions you might have.

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    Nei/NoJa, på CrossFit Christiania/Yes, at CrossFit ChristianiaJa, på annen CrossFit-Box/Yes but at another CrossFit-box

    Begynner/New to CrossFitHar vært på prøvetimer/kurs/crosstraining ol. men ikke trent på CrossFit-box /Have attended some CrossFit courses but never trained in a CrossFit Box0-1 år/year1-2 år/yearsFlere år/Several years

    (*rabattert medlemskap mot dokumentasjon: studenter, utrykningspersonell, honnør, freelancere og militære/veteraner) / Special prices only valid after showing necessary documentation: Applies to students, first responders, military staff and retirees.

    Fullt medlemskap/Full membership – månedlig/monthly 1190,-/950,-*Fullt medlemskap/Full membership – årsmedlemskap/yearly (12 mnd. bindingstid/12 months contract) 950,-/800,-*Dagtidsmedlemskap/Daytime membership (05:00-16:30) – månedlig/monthly 850,-/700,-*Dagtidsmedlemskap/Daytime membership (05:00-16:30) – 12 mmd. bindingstid/12 months contract 700,-/600,-*Vet ikke eller interessert i flere / Don't know or interested in several

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