What is stress? and how to deal with it.

Stress is a normal and natural part of life We encounter stress every day; driving to work, working toward a tight deadline, an upcoming wedding, managing big projects or complex tasks. A certain level of stress is healthy and can even be motivating. We all know that an extra adrenaline boost can help you perform better, finish your final paper or nail that presentation at work. This is the positive […]

4 Tips to Get Your Training Back on Track

4 Tips to Get Your Training Back on Track Morgan Oliver Regular exercise is one of the best things you can do for your health. Whether it be Crossfit, Running, Sports or Spin Classes, the important thing is that you’re getting your sweat on regularly, challenging yourself and doing something good for your health.    January seems to be the time of year for just that, everyone comes into the […]

Run, Forrest, Run – A Complete Guide to Running and Structuring your Training.

  Run, Forrest, Run – A Complete Guide to Running and Structuring your Training. Morgan Oliver Now if there’s one thing I have noticed since moving to Norway, it’s that Norwegians love to run. If the sun is out, you can bet the parks and forests will be packed with groups of people running. I believe this is great and the more time we spend outdoors and in nature, whether […]

Home Training Mistakes

Home Training Mistakes By Morgan Oliver Now as I’m sure you all know, 2020 really has been the year of Home Training. With consistent gym closures and lockdowns, we have been forced to take our training home, outdoors and everywhere but the gym in which we would normally be training. Now I am a firm believer that home training is a hugely beneficial training solution for many people and a […]

Smart Phones and Productivity!

Its now been more then then a decade since the first iPhone was launched by Steve Jobs on January 9, 2007. In 2020 closer to 3 billion people will have a smartphone and yes, it has also changed how we do close to a billion things; Everything from how we order food and take pictures to how we communicate with friends, read the news and do our accounting. The list […]

100 Pairs of Shoes and 2 Sore Feet – A Guide to Foot Health

100 Pairs of Shoes and Two Sore Feet – A guide to Foot Care Have you ever got home from a long hard day standing at work, feet aching and all you can think about is kicking off your shoes and letting those puppies breathe? You sit there at the end of the day, kicked back on the couch, rubbing your feet and wondering why they always hurt. Maybe you’re […]

“Yin & Yang Days” A balanced approach to training

In today’s society, we are encouraged to push through the struggles, often times at all costs. In the training industry, we see this on a regular. It is all about “Go hard, or go home”, “Sweat is just weakness leaving your body” and clichés way worse than these. Training hard is important to achieve your desired results, but more importantly is to know when to train hard. Your typical 40-year […]