This is CrossFit Christiania

CrossFit Christiania is more than a CrossFit box. CFC is home to a unique training environment which wants to help everyone reach their fitness goals - regardless of training experience and level.

Our main goal is to realize your full athletic potential and to help you get in the shape of your life. We achieve this through coaching from educated and experienced trainers, great facilities and a heavy focus on our training environment.

CrossFit Christiania has a wide range of services. In addition to the regular training, we offer treatments at CFC Clinic, training trips, courses and seminars, corporate training, competitions and social events.

Our Community

Our community is deeply rooted in our values. Whether you're a beginner in CrossFit and training, top athlete or something in between, we want you to find a "second home" at CrossFit Christiania. Just like CrossFit is a training form for everyone, CFC is an open and inclusive community.

We are a diverse training environment, but with a common goal - to challenge ourselves physically and mentally. In addition to quality training, we like to have fun together through various social events. Work hard - play hard! We believe that the community aspect of CrossFit is our biggest strength.


Our Philosophy

We strongly believe in CrossFit methodology as a training program. Not only because it's a fun form of fitness, but because we see the results of it every day and how effective it is to provide better health, a healthier body and improved human performance.

Through varied training of high intensity functional exercises, we challenge our members to exercise to create increased strength, stamina, mobility and body restraint.

We place great emphasis on safe execution in training and injury prevention. In addition, we seek all the way to see the whole human being through focus on what is happening outside the box - nutrition, rest and mental training. We wish you to be the best version of yourself!

Our Facilities

We have 3 facilities in Oslo. Økern, Tårngata 15 is our 800 square meter HQ fully equipped for functional training - weightlifting, gymnastics, endurance, strongman and mobility.

We then have 2 outdoor Crossfit Boxes. One at Økern, Tårngata 15 and a second at Sjølyst Marina!

Crossfit christiania ikon logo med hvit bakgrunn

Heart of a Lion

The lion's head in our logo symbolizes some of CrossFit Christiania's basic values. The lion is usually a symbol of courage and personal strength. Having the heart of a lion is a term on the ability to cope with challenges. At the same time, the lion symbolizes the community through the lion pack.

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